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Verinnogen Ltd is a life science technology/medical device company that has developed a novel, contact-based surface profiling tool based on an array of moveable pins that will transform the way we interact with, understand, and measure physical objects such as subcutaneous tumours and other biological tissues.

Founded in 2019, the company was started independently by co-founders Dr Isaac Johnson and Dr Mike Irvine in order to address the problem of error-prone caliper measurements in pre-clinical cancer research. Since then, the validity of the pin array approach has been qualified using in silico modelling as well as through a proof-of-concept prototype.

With a focus on contact-based technologies, Verinnogen is uniquely positioned to disrupt both the pre-clinical and medical fields, becoming creative leaders in the application of physical profiling. Digitizing a 3D profile from an array of pins in a simple and quick way has been made possible through our patent-pending platform, and, combined with a clear need for better profile measurements in pre-clinical cancer research, will allow Verinnogen to establish itself as a problem-focused, high potential, and technology-rich company.

Furthermore, the physical 3D profiling technology that has been developed will serve as a platform by which to integrate additional measurements and features amenable to a contact-based approach, such as surface temperature and force/mechanical properties as well as provision of active treatments or interventions through the contact surface.

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