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StemBond Technologies

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StemBond Technologies, a spin-out from the University of Cambridge's Stem Cell Institute, is dedicated to revolutionising cell-based medicine.

Their mission is to make cell therapies highly effective and accessible to all. They specialise in advanced materials for cell and tissue culture, giving them the power to influence cell fate and function, resulting in superior cell products at a larger scale.

Their primary focus is on enhancing the immune system through our innovative materials. The
initial product line centres around scalable cell culture materials designed to improve T cell activation and function.

Their second product line is dedicated to pioneering advanced manufacturing processes for high-quality exosomes, a project they're undertaking in collaboration with a leading mesenchymal stem cell company.

Looking ahead, they have plans for a third product line that aims to commercialise a scalable platform for expanding and engineering hematopoietic stem cells. Across all of StemBond's product lines, they are committed to leveraging machine learning-designed materials towards personalised therapeutics.

StemBond Technologies offers a comprehensive approach to immune system enhancement, encompassing immune function, signalling, and scalable source material. With this, their patients will lead healthier lives for longer.

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