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RNA has complex secondary and tertiary structures that regulate its function, and are dynamic to environmental stressors, making them promising but challenging drug targets. Consequently, new technologies are required to drive RNA drug discovery.

RevoNA’s novel, patented discovery platform enables the rapid identification and profiling of RNA binding molecules. The platform creates cell-free RNA arrays which enable high-throughput, real-time evaluation of multiple sequences vs binding molecules (generating data on binding capabilities and impact to RNA function). Unlike other approaches, RevoNA’s platform mimics RNA “true” secondary/tertiary structures so that the data generated have an increased likelihood of translating physiologically.

Through internal projects and strategic partnerships, RevoNA is amassing proprietary, high-quality datasets to create a best-in-class structure activity relationship prediction engine that enables in silico RNA drug discovery affordably at scale.

The company is actively seeking partnerships with Pharma, Biotech and leading research institutions interested in either discovering novel compounds or profiling existing molecules.

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