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Natural products have played an important role in the development of many pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals that are widely used today but remain a largely untapped source of potentially life-saving compounds including new antimicrobial agents, immunomodulators and chemotherapeutics.​

​Diversifying natural product structures has historically been a stumbling block for their broader adoption. It can take decades to design a synthetic route to a natural product, making hit-to-lead development prohibitively expensive. ​

Erebagen’s synthetic biology platform mines the genomes of bacteria to activate cryptic regulatory circuits and produce novel molecules that can’t be obtained through culturing in the lab alone. ​

The platform also combines rational engineering of the bacteria with synthetic chemistry to exponentially increase structural diversity, characterise bioactivity and design molecules that are optimised for medicinal or industrial use.​

Compounds generated from Erebagen’s platform have demonstrated hit rates more than 20x better than synthetic molecules in industrial screens. The company is automating their platform and pursuing partnerships with leading Pharma and AgriTech companies.

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