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Ephyra New

Ephyra is an RNA therapeutics platform company focused on the development of proprietary sponge RNAs to treat disease

Due to recent advances in the design, manufacture and targeted delivery of nucleic acids, RNA-based therapeutics are rapidly becoming a mainstream drug modality. However, broad clinical adoption of microRNA (miRNA)-targeted therapeutics has historically been hampered by a conventional one drug one target approach and costly chemical modifications that are unnatural and non-biodegradable leading to toxicity.

Sponge RNAs are naturally occurring molecules carrying multiple, tandem binding sites, known to bind and competitively inhibit small regulatory RNAs and their downstream gene pathways. Based on their ability to fine-tune gene expression by modulating regulatory inputs, physiological sponge RNAs provide an attractive basis for constructing designer sponges for therapeutic application.

Ephyra’s enhanced sponge technology has potential for different target types and broad applicability across multiple therapeutic areas. Our first-generation molecules target miRNAs to restore cellular health to treat disease. Ephyra’s proprietary platform engineers unique sponge RNAs with novel structures optimised for versatility, specificity, efficacy, and modularity. The company is developing a pipeline of drugs for clinical indications and is seeking strategic partners and investors.

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