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CoSyne Therapeutics

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There is a substantial unmet need for new drugs to treat brain cancer.​

Gliomas are the most common primary brain tumours. They cause 220,000 deaths per year globally. In high grade cases, 95% of patients die within 5 years.​

The best current drug (temozolomide) prolongs life expectancy by only 3 months yet generates £1 billion per year for Merck.​

A major problem is that gliomas are molecularly heterogenous. The result is that drugs that only target a subpopulation of cells drive evolution of drug resistance, leading to tumour recurrence.

CoSyne’s computational engine uses systems genomics to identify novel drug targets. They have applied this engine to neuro-oncology and have developed a platform to identify truncal drug targets that are highly conserved across cancer cells, thereby overcoming molecular heterogeneity and discovering novel synthetic lethal interactions.​

The platform outputs novel drug targets with paired genetic biomarkers, which allows us to develop precision therapeutics tailored to the exact molecular vulnerabilities in a specific patient’s cancer.​

​CoSyne’s platform can be scaled to discover new drug targets in a wide range of cancers and neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.​

Start Codon were the initial investors in CoSyne and have since been joined by several notable investors, including Local Globe, Backed VC, Dr Jonathan Milner and Amino Collective.

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