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Cardiac Tech

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Following open heart surgery, patients are typically fitted with a temporary pacing system in order to regulate the heart’s rhythm in the post surgical period. Temporary pacing systems are known to be both unstable and subject to acute changes in parameters. This instability, coupled with pacing devices that lack sophistication, can lead to sudden changes in device function.

On a busy ITU, pacing issues can easily go unnoticed, potentially leading to an extended hospital stay as a result of a drop in cardiac output. In more extreme circumstances, serious adverse events including cardiac arrest and even patient death may occur.

Cardiac Tech has developed the Pace-Protect safety device which utilises proprietary algorithms to monitor all aspects of temporary pacing function. Each heart beat is analysed, its timing components assessed and should signals fall outside of these parameters, Pace-Protect reports acute changes immediately to the medic or nurse managing the patient, thereby reducing adverse events and improving patient outcomes.

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