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Ark Vax Colour

Disease-free animals live longer, grow larger and generate more produce (milk, eggs, etc), essential for cost-efficient agriculture. Human and animal health are also inextricably linked, and many food-borne diseases can be treated in the food-chain, to prevent infection in the consumer.

However, veterinary vaccinology has lagged behind the human equivalent, because in the livestock sector, the driver behind vaccine development is cost per dose. This has led to the overuse of antibiotics and a significant concern that this is contributing to the rise of antimicrobial resistance globally.

ArkVax’s proprietary Protein Glycan Coupling Technology (PGCT) is an all-in-one system for producing low-cost recombinant glycoconjugate vaccines at scale. The company’s platform can increase the efficacy of existing vaccines or rapidly generate new vaccines.

ArkVax is developing its own pipeline of vaccines to address common diseases affecting livestock and further develop their platform. The company is actively seeking strategic partners and follow-on investment.

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