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Verinnogen strengthens position

There’s a misconception that to found a company in the BioTech/Healthcare/Life Sciences arena, you have to spin-out from academia, but Verinnogen is a company showing there are other ways to successfully start up.

Like many companies, Verinnogen began as a response to a problem faced by Founder and CEO Isaac Johnson, who was working as an oncology researcher. He was frustrated that the workhorse mouse tumour models, which underpin early-stage oncology research, suffer from measurement errors of up to 130 percent, due to the use of inaccurate and error-prone callipers for critical tumour measurements.

Fate then intervened, through an excellent initiative run by Cambridge Enterprise (now replaced by the Founders@Cambridge programme), where Isaac’s oncology expertise was matched with the medical device product development nous of Dr Mike Irvine, a mentor on the scheme. From this, Verinnogen was conceived.

The pair bootstrapped (self-financed) to bring their independent idea for a new, innovative tool for measuring tumours/growths to life, before securing funding from venture builder, Start Codon, to take the idea to the next level.

Since unlocking pre-seed financing, they have successfully built a working prototype of their device for measuring physical properties of 3D surfaces. They’ve also undertaken in vitro studies to test the device’s efficacy. This work has reinforced the need for a new approach to growth measurements, through the significant improvements they’ve been able to demonstrate in measurement speed and accuracy, thanks to their user-friendly design and 3D software capture capabilities.

Verinnogen’s device has the potential to be a real game-changer in pre-clinical oncology research. In vivo studies are now underway and Verinnogen has also strengthened its position by securing additional pre-seed funding, and making the shortlist for Cofinitive 21 to Watch 2024.

Isaac said; “We’re delighted by the results of our studies so far, and that these have helped us secure additional funding to continue growing Verinnogen. The more effective our device is, the greater the ultimate impact on patient outcomes. This is why it’s so important that we are able to develop our solution and demonstrate how we can meet the needs of oncology researchers and clinicians.”

You can follow along as Verinnogen starts to share more about their journey on their LinkedIn page.

Verinnogen product image cofinitive2024
verinnogen logo with picture of the device being held and a mock up of the device in a lab setting