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The future of biotech

Nature Biotechnology asked a selection of leaders from across biotech, including Start Codon CEO Jason Mellad, to look at the future of the sector and make some predictions for the coming years.

Nature Biotechnology recently published an interview with leaders from across the biotech sector on the future of biotech. Jason Mellad, Start Codon CEO and Co-Founder contributed his thoughts:
"Equity, diversity and inclusion will prove to be the most disruptive innovations of the 21st century. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of welcoming more women and people from a wider range of ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds into positions of power in biotech, whether academic or commercial. Leveraging this largely underutilized talent pool and developing new solutions that address the distinct clinical needs of historically underserved communities will help us close the health gap and access new markets. We all must actively support the next generation of translational researchers, startup founders, senior executives and life science investors who will make this vision a reality."

Read the full interview with lots of different voices from the industry on the Nature website.