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Startup trends webinar image

Start Codon and friends make predictions for 2024

Start Codon was joined by members of the ecosystem to look at 2024 startup predictions and the implications for talent attraction/retention.

With an uncertain startup landscape ahead for 2024, our expert panel came together to discuss what we could see happening this year, and what this might mean in terms of attracting and keeping great people working in the startup ecosystem.

The panel comprised Emma Plowman, Start Codon Talent Director, as chair, with Paula Rogers-Brown from The Milner Therapeutics Institute, Sam Ingram of Northreach Consulting, Emma Longland from Venner Shipley and Jason Mellad, Start Codon CEO/Founder.

In the webinar conversation, topics the panel covered ranged from the financial landscape, the Government's independent report into university spinouts and the potential for further disruption if UK/US governments see a change in leadership, to the challenges of attracting and retaining brilliant people that these myriad elements might create.

The panel members were all in agreement on the importance of talent to driving success through this uncertain year, and the need to have a good team with a clear focus on delivering against objectives and building investor relationships.

You can watch the webinar in full on YouTube.