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Horizon Europe agreement

Start Codon CEO, Jason Mellad, shares the team's thoughts on the announcement of the UK gaining access to Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe is an EU funding programme that runs till 2027. For the last 3 years, the UK has been unable to tap into the significant - we’re talking tens of billions - amount of funding the programme provides for research and innovation. (In case you hadn’t clocked the reason - it rhymes with schmexit.)

So, it’s great news that the UK has agreed a deal that sees us back in the room with Horizon Europe.

An obvious up side is the ability to access more capital for early-stage research. But the advantages go beyond this.

One of Start Codon’s core values is Community - so we’re thrilled that this deal opens up our ability to work more closely with a pan-European network of leading scientists. We can do more, and better, by bringing together different knowledge, expertise and ways of thinking.

This drives up our collective ability to get more translational innovations over the line and into the clinic/commercial use.
And that’s what it’s all about for us: driving innovation in life science/biotech, to enable progress. Whether it’s unlocking understanding, creating new new/kinder treatments or improving prevention, our ability to protect and save lives increases with this deal.

Image credit: StillVision Photography