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Enhanc3D Genomics double award finalists

The Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards finalists have been announced for 2024.

Enhanc3D Genomics has been selected as a finalist in not one but two categories for this year's awards. The categories in question are AI Company of the Year and Life Science Company of the Year.

Enhanc3D's vision is to make precision medicine a reality. As a functional genomics company they are exploring the 3D organisation of DNA in health and disease.

Most genetic variations affecting complex diseases are in the uncharted non-coding regions of the genome. Enhanc3D's GenLink3D platform allows them to understand the effect of those mutations on remote genes and reveal how they influence disease progression. Leveraging 3D genome maps, they identify new biomarkers and novel treatment targets for cancer, ageing and autoimmune conditions.

Find out more about Enhanc3D Genomics on their website: