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Enhan3D Genomics on One Nucleus Boston Bootcamp

After winning One Nucleus' Boston Bootcamp Competition, Enhanc3D Genomics CEO, Hazel Jones, reflected back on the week.

One Nucleus ran their inaugural Boston Bootcamp at the end of April, and portfolio company Enhanc3D Genomics, was one of the winners who got to benefit from the experience.

Hazel Jones, CEO at Enhanced, reflected on the week and the lasting benefits of stepping out of the day job.

"This bootcamp was a brilliant opportunity to build knowledge, connections, and take a deep dive into the US market through a range of sessions, presentations and networking.

We got to explore all the steps involved in setting up in the US, from starting small by hiring a desk, to developing lab space."

The knowledge and insights gained from my time in Boston will add immense value for Enhanced and all the participating companies. But perhaps the biggest ongoing value will come from the connections we all made – not just with potential partners and investors, but with other CEOs. We learned together and built confidence and camaraderie over our shared challenges."

You can read Hazel's full write up on Enhanced's website.