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EBR - picking the right investment

In the European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR) June 2023 edition, Michael Salako, Investment Director at Start Codon, talks about picking the right investment.

In the article, Michael talks about the importance of both the potential of the technology, and having the right team.

He discusses the opportunities to find investment despite a challenging economic climate – with founders needing to pay very close attention to having the right support network including board members, and to act on feedback from investors.

Early engagement with potential investors is highlighted as key to increasing the chance of securing investment – giving them the time to understand the technology and learn about the opportunity.

He says: “Despite the current economic climate, exciting science and technology continues to be developed and where there is cutting-edge, transformative technology, there will always be supportive investors, honoured to partner with these companies to guide them towards success.”

To read the full article, see pages 30-32 of EBR.